Rewarding those who Love Eve and Respect the Infinite Flame.

Winning Crypto
Chat & Resources

Whether you're a beginner or have been trading for years, our crypto chat has played a significant role in the success our members' day-trading journeys!

"Its just amazing for me to see other people talking about crypto (specifically trading futures) and sharing their knowledge about things (i like a lot when people write about their own view of current market state, it helps a ton). I'm new to this so it really feels good to be here, thanks for creating such a place"


"A hidden gem, this channel actually prints money. I really like the Supply & Demand identification, it helps a lot in trading."


"Love the energy in the discord. People are excited to help each other learn and become better traders. Same attitude that I've seen Nate have since day 1. Keep up the great work guys."


"The education I've received on day trading ETH has helped me tremendously in gaining financial freedom. Nate's supply and demand zones specifically helped my trading go to the next level. I'm beyond appreciative for the opportunities Nate and Eve give to their followers!"


"I cannot stress enough how useful Nate’s supply/demand zone videos are. I know they’re just one tool out of dozens we can use as traders to make better decisions, but they literally give guidance on momentum direction and have turned me from someone who only scalps 5-10pt moves on a complete dice roll relying on others’ (often wrong) input to having conviction to make my own plays resulting in 50+ point moves. No voodoo magic, no waiting for Maren to make an astrology prediction on Twitter, no crossing fingers for JPow to say the right words, no spending hours in chat trying to find out what other people are doing and attempting to copytrade and hoping that I copied the right person."


"My favorite thing about the Discord chat so far has been how welcoming and helpful everyone is. 10x better than any Discord I have been over the last 3 months. Each person is kind and steps in to help when needed as I continue to learn."


"The best thing about this chat is Nate's insight he provides on his graphs and calls. Always explains his reasoning so all can understand and learn.
I've also been very impressed that Nate takes time to respond to everyone."


I love the constant communication and transparency that Nate provides. The advice and willingness to help everyone is amazing. Can’t speak highly enough of Nate!


"The active chat and productive conversations around price action, chart set ups, key levels and areas of interest for longs/shorts. The detailed trade logs clearly explaining the reason for entering trades, price targets and overall thought process has helped a lot too."


"It's been a great learning experience with Nate and the rest of EVERFYRE's main crypto chat. From learning about supply and demand zones to winning trades on the back of those educational videos."


Quests & Bounties

Both our Public Members and NFT Holders can participate in a wide assortment of quests and bounties available via our Zilly.Social dashboard!

Zilly.Social has provided EVERFYRE a Web3 social platform to empower our community; a place where relevant content gets seen, contributors are rightfully rewarded, and where the power of our members doesn’t get lost.

EVERFYRE Finder's Platform powered by Universe.xyz

Holders have the opportunity to earn up to 10% from the secondary sale of ANY ERC-721 NFT using their custom Finder's Affiliate page!

It's like having a "Link-in-Bio" page to share your favorite projects and get rewarded for it in the process!

Judge us by our actions, not our words.

Check out some additional Holder Utility and Benefits currently available to EVERFYRE Genesis Holders!

EVERFYRE Finder's Platform powered by Universe.xyz

EVERFYRE Genesis Holders have the opportunity to earn up to 10% from the secondary sale of ANY ERC-721 NFT using their custom Finder's Affiliate page!

It's like having a "Link-in-Bio" page to share your favorite projects and get rewarded for it in the process!
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EVRFIT NFT - FREE MINT for Genesis Holders ONLY

Genesis Holders have the exclusive opportunity to mint our Fitness NFT project, EVRFIT, at launch!
Go to evrfit
EVERFYRE Discord Server

The EVERFYRE Discord Server includes tons of valuable tools and resources thanks to our merge with Trillo Trades.

Join our server for NFT Alpha, Winning Crypto Discussions, Allowlist Giveaways, and much more!
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"EVERFYRE is unlike so many others. Nate and the team make every move with every consideration and execute with extreme precision. Truly a community that trims the fat with an abundant record of an over delivering while under promising strategy. EVERFYRE offers holders a space for us to build upon and create a sustaining and long lasting future together in the NFT space."
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"First project I've come across with such a genuine founder. Nate Trillo works hard in order to deliver everything he promised to the community he has built, he keeps everything transparent all the time. Best project I've joined so far. Definitely recommend!"
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"EVERFYRE's team and especially its founder Nate Trillo have already brought huge opportunities to the community, even when the bear market hit only a few weeks after mint. This project has endless utility possibilities. Nate is passionate and very innovative. He knows how to adapt and has shown on several occasions how he values his community."
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The #1 Fitness NFT
Dropping Soon!


Our plans moving forward

Continue providing value to EVERFYRE Genesis Holders
EVERFYRE Finder's Platform, Free Mints to EVERFYRE projects - beginning with EVRFIT, Surprise Airdrops, Valuable Allowlist Opportunities, IRL Product Giveaways, NFT Tool Access
Education & Services Platforms
In partnership with Trillo Trades
In partnership with Trillo Trades, EVERFYRE provides free education and alpha calls to NFT enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Nate Trillo also serves as an NFT advisor and launch partner for upcoming projects with a percentage of proceeds allocated to EVERFYRE operations.
(our Fitness Sector)
Launch of EVRFIT
EVRFIT is a collection of 8,888 powerful NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each EVRFIT NFT grants you exclusive access to professional/celebrity workouts, products, and an active community of fitness lovers, exercise enthusiasts, and strong-minded individuals motivating one another as they pursue their fitness goals and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Find out more at https://www.evrfit.club/
(our Music Sector)
Music NFT Launchpad
Our Two-Method Model makes it easy for an artist and their team to launch their NFT collection with us, whether we are granted a simple recording feature directly, or if they want a full hands-on experience with custom benefits for holders, we are here for it all!
Founder | Twitter @natetrillo

Consistent and Transparent Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an EVERFYRE Genesis NFT?

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You are able to buy an EVERFYRE Genesis NFT from the secondary market on our EVERFYRE Marketplace or OpenSea.

What does an EVERFYRE Genesis NFT get me?

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EVERFYRE is proud to provide valuable exclusive opportunities for our Public Community and especially our EVERFYRE Genesis NFT Holders!

We'd love to invite you to view a FULL list of our Utility and Benefits on our Discord in our
#utility-benefits channel

I got a random DM from "EVERFYRE" "Eve" "EVRFIT" "Nate Trillo" on Discord with a purchase link. Is this real?

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No. Please do not interact with this message as it is definitely a scam.

If I have a business proposal, who should I contact?

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Nate Trillo. Preferably through Instagram DM - https://www.instagram.com/natetrillo/